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A Very Unusual Keyboard…

March 19, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Here is the mechanical keyboard that gets on my workdesk now – lofree Mechanical Key-board – The lofree mechanical keyboard is a fascinating strategy to the mechanical key-board fad. It is among the best looking keyboards I've ever before

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Here is the mechanical keyboard that gets on my workdesk now –

lofree Mechanical Key-board –

The lofree mechanical keyboard is a fascinating strategy to the mechanical key-board fad. It is among the best looking keyboards I've ever before featured on Unbox Therapy however getting used to these circular keys as well as compact format might take some getting made use of to.

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Unbox Therapy says:

Here is the mechanical keyboard that’s on my desk right now –

Blended Tapes says:

it’s my exam tomorrow….pls wish me good luck..pls💐

J Gajia says:

Zaidak S It’s a letter from the English alphabet

Zaidak S says:

J Gajia Touché

J Gajia says:

Zaidak S haha!

Random Guy says:

Blended Tapes no

Rithik Naik says:

today’s video is so early in India

llama says:

Rithik Naik k

Ash 27 says:

Indian spotted

_VIPER _ says:

Ash 27 IDK why but I laughed rlly hard at that u made my day

Marcos Amparo says:

Lew, I think you should really address this whole thing with Jack. I think at this point we know WHAT IT IS, but I want to know how this whole thing started. Please make a video about it so we can all put it to the past.

Anym says:

aren’t you the dude that got roasted on techrax’s channel?

IbrIK10 says:

Marcos Amparo rlly

Corinne S says:

rain drop drop top all these spam comments need to stop stop!

Samuel The Nice Guy says:

Corinne Scherer you’re spam tho

Timsen Hoffmann says:

Corinne S made me laugh, thumbs up for that :’D

Corinne S says:

Timsen Hoffmann thanks that’s the whole point (:

1 Million Videos Is My Goal says:

OMW to 1 million videos

jhonnycake1 says:

What’s the point of having 1 million videos if no one watches them?

RandomGuy says:

+jhonnycake1 exactly

Alex Bieber says:

Why would anyone use this pile of pure garbage?

Masaharu Morimoto says:

Yup pok3r is the only KB i would use if I couldn’t use my K65… Full size KB’s are for plebs.

Josh H says:

Alex Bieber theyre prob poor and dumpster dive. this is usually what you find.

Thomas Teper says:

that thing looks nasty and cheap honestly

konraduser says:

Yeah you’re right on point. My 27$ chinese mechanical keyboard looks 100 times better.

Anthony Webber says:

RandomGuy, IJKL are the arrowkeys on the poker 3 mechanical keyboard

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

dont read my name

stupid stickman says:

Don’t Read My Profile Picture why do i find you everywhere

Drew Mathis says:


AcornFox says:

stupid stickman Self-promotion on popular channels.

Titserino Titserino says:

Why are you everywhere

Renaldo Xhahu says:

I gotta give you props for the creativity but I was disappointed in the end.

Mr.Slackpack says:

if its possible for you to speak to the developer, ask if they can make a switch to windows, android, mac, iso mode so that say, I’m typing on my windows computer, but I just got a text on my android phone, I could just flip the switch and then respond to the message on my phone, and once its done I can just flip it right back and go back to work on my computer, instead of having to go into the settings and disconnect the Bluetooth from each unit, the same would apply for mac and Linux.

Definitely Not Dingse! says:

I don’t think the Bluetooth drivers are advanced enough for that.

Uhhhhh says:

Mr.Slackpack Logitech K780 for that. Up to three devices, check it out

dbgrfdg says:

just use web whattsapp

Wesley Macedo says:

The arrows in this manner will make them lose any potential gamers sales

marshal tito says:

Wesley Macedo Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahayaahyaauaayayahhaahah this is a office keyboard

Dan Tha Man 47 says:

marshal tito “this is a office keyboard” get grammar good proper and wording

Flavius Runceanu says:

just use wasd bro

Masaharu Morimoto says:

WASD is already in use for movement… Arrow keys can be mapped for many useful things such as; menu navigation while moving, specific targeting filters, hot bar swapping… the list goes on and on. In MMORPG’s you basically use every key for something, and end up keybinding everything. I also use a razer naga mouse with 19 buttons, it’s a must for effective healing in end game raiding.

TheRedStormer says:

I hate mac. iOS is great but leave the computers to Microsoft.

LegendTrainer says:

Areeb Rehman the Mac OS is fine, however Apple products are overpriced and trash. You would know that if you knew anything about computers and were not a spoiled ten year old.b


Areeb Rehman Here’s a cool idea, put two sentences in one comment. And you are obviously joking, but just to make this clear, you don’t even know me haha.

Huub says:

Qonocy tip: don’t download porn from random sites

Dark Poet says:

Daniel Strelstov I love Linux, but not many games support it. So my main computer is staying windows. And did you really just say Apple is better at making computers, not having upgrade makes Macs unbearable for me, as a gamer and an editor.

Tanya jadeja says:

Can i get 19 likes on my 19th bithday

Headout says:

why not go for 1900?

iwannaquickscope says:

Tanya jadeja when is your 19th birthday

chai tanya says:

likes on this comment got to be even

It's Your Boi Angel says:

chai tanya I can’t even

Chrizzy says:

0 is a even number so…

i am n00b says:

Today’s my birthday


Kakashi Copier of 1000 jutsus says:

Happy Birthday! Make sure not to listen to the toxic community called youtube


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grizzly bear says:

MAURO HDTM subbed please sub to me

Random Guy says:


Olly W TV says:


Inder Singh says:

Great, a 9 year old subbing orgy

Almost Social says:

Anyone landed on this video without any notification?

John Giagkou says:

Almost Social ye

انا مسلِمْ says:


John Giagkou says:

fudgy fish thanks, you too!

MysticalGamer says:

Click read more if you liked

Thank you

Mohtashim U. Syed says:

When you click read more w/out liking the comment… #SAVAGE101

Random Guy says:

MysticalGamer kys

Joshua Norris says:

Anyone notice it is back to front in the thumbnail

Charlie Nico says:

I think the Keyboard makes good sounds.

Rismosch says:

Why do I always want to eat sandwiches when I start watching you?

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