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DON’T Buy The Batband, Unless…

December 3, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Honor 7X – Honor 7X Free gift will be on my Twitter In this video clip I have a look at the "Batband" an unusual take on the concept of bone conduction earphones. As you'll discover in this video

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Honor 7X –

Honor 7X Free gift will be on my Twitter

In this video clip I have a look at the "Batband" an unusual take on the concept of bone conduction earphones. As you'll discover in this video you should possibly avoid them and also look elsewhere.

If you want bone transmission earphones have a look at my previous video. This set carries out better –



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Unbox Therapy says:

Stay until the end…

Bran Hall says:

Unbox Therapy Do A LG V20 Review!!!

BLAL - بلال says:


Abdo Esame says:


Jacob Shuck says:

Unbox Therapy my samsung j7 prime does all that phone does and more

The Royal Memes says:

8 views and 214 comments. Youtube logic.
Edit: and 556 likes

_.Araz._ r says:

19 views 660 likes😐

Araz Rahimzadeh says:

Kayyenaa Jaaadee Hell Yeah :/

Araz Rahimzadeh says:

_.Araz._ r bro i dont use telegram & instagram

Kayyenaa Jaaadee says:

Araz Rahimzadeh telegram is “lit”

Araz Rahimzadeh says:

Kayyenaa Jaaadee i uninstalled it 🙂

Spotted in Sight says:

Which headphone are you using
Comments below

markotine says:

Spotted in Sight razor earbuds

James Field says:

Bose ae2

Itai Epstein says:

Some decent $35 gaming headset –> Hyperx cloud 2

Ross Anderson says:

Kingston HyperX Cloud (original cloud)

Jack c says:

Who thinks unboxtherapy should reveal Jack when he hits 10 million subscribers

Jack c says:

Sarah Dragon Cakes no

Jack c says:

Unbox Therapy did I win something

Vinnit George says:

Jack c nope he is just calling out your ignorance. He said in a previous video where he said he would give more information about jack when it hits 10 m subscribers.

Cool Crafts and Diy says:


Cool Crafts and Diy says:

Unbox Therapy you ain’t him

Sai Raj says:

I want to win

Sai Raj says:

Unbox Therapy are you joking

Younnes el bledi says:

Sai Raj xD it isn’t the real

Skull Train says:

Bone phone

JAAAk write it down

Dr. Dunk says:

You look better with a hat

Bastiaan Wijtenburg says:

Those headphones look weird

Caleb Ricks says:

He looks fine with/without the hat, but I’m certainly used to the hat.

Dr. Dunk says:

Caleb Ricks also could be true

JakeNate Cooking says:

I’m on my way to 500 subs and would be a huge help if you could click the subscribe button!! Thanks if you did! 👍

Fohel says:

If it had the apple logo…then he wouldve said buy it.

Nytellem says:

You must be very new to this channel.

xyreyes says:

Obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

Cytus Xora says:

he did a video on do not buy the iPhone X so not a fanboy

Pedram Shariat says:

Wrong channel dude I think you are thinking about tailosive tech

NovaLee says:

Can you make a “Don’t buy” series, like why you think popular products aren’t worth your time or money?

Pol Cruciani says:

NovaLee iPhone X

Caleb Ricks says:

Great idea. I agree.

Daniel Revenkov says:

most the products on his channel are a don’t buy

ZOO Mux says:

What’s next; the “BUTBAND”?

Matej Milovanovic says:


Henri Otto says:



Kim Jong Boom says:

Henri Otto *You.

Troll Tommy Gaming says:

Henri Otto I fear nothing!😈

Neil Moulang says:

Henri Otto and you can’t spell

ZShaun says:

Everything looks better when lew reviews it for some reason
(I hope i spelt his name right)

Bastiaan Wijtenburg says:

ZShaun it”s Lew not lew

Haseeb KP says:


JenkleFritz says:

Are you the reincarnation of E-Dubble?

You Can't See Me says:

250? nah, I’ll probably buy an ounce of ganja instead

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Smoke good and carry on 🔫😤

Unless you in carry for you

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I carry my Revolver In single action like carry Monty?

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Troll Tommy Gaming … Conceal carry a gun.

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700,000 more until the Jack Reveal

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Dar Welchito says:


Troll Tommy Gaming says:


Mohammed Mukbel says:

I got the same jacket that you wearing!

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