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How Did This Gadget Raise Over $1000000?

July 11, 2018 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Is solar paper the future of charging? Solar Paper (USA Web Link) – Solar Paper (International) – _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS … The Transparent Smartphone Is Below … I'm Changing To The Blackberry KEY2 … Structure Ninja's Fortnite

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Is solar paper the future of charging?
Solar Paper (USA Web Link) –
Solar Paper (International) –


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Unbox Therapy says:

Solar Paper (USA Link) –
Solar Paper (International) –

HookUp79 says:

Unbox Therapy
What was the one minute paper shuffling good for? 🤷‍♂️

Gabriel Guillen says:

I dont understend
How Batman Charge the BatCell???

Joao Buagas says:

here in philippines. that could be useful. some province here always having black out (electricity shut-down)

Roberto Enduro says:

there is a bridge for sale in my neighborhood, i need money for that, not this…

Zoren Rotarla says:

Unbox Therapy cool😮

FlownRay says:

I read 1million 4 times in the title
First time: simply read
Second time: read with glasses
Third time: took a screenshot and zoomed in to read
Fourth time: putted lines through each 0 to check how many zeroes there are

blak13kloud says:

FlownRay putted ?

Super Saiyan says:

blak13kloud 😂😂🤣

Blackofnight says:


Boruto Uzumaki says:

FlownRay pUuTeed

TheRealBrook1968 says:

The Achilles heel is that this only direct charges and doesn’t have a battery backup. The paper thin solar paper has existed for about ten years. They took the $1,000,000 and bought magnets, shoelaces and drilled a couple of holes. Already have a smaller and more convenient and more durable solar panel with battery that will quick charge my phone 2.5X. Cost? $20 from Amazon.

Dub says:

TheRealBrook1968 lol true

We The Animals says:

Good point

Zuhair Aslam says:

TheRealBrook1968 what’s the battery pack you have? Link?

TheRealBrook1968 says:

I go on week long bicycle trips and charge my tablet and phone with this. It comes with a clip and it dangles from my saddlebags during the day and charges itself. Have had it for two years. It is very durable and I have never run out of power. When I travel overseas, I take it and don’t have to worry about converters and different plugs, etc. It can be charged on 110 or 220v outlets.

Rahul More says:

What will happen in rainy season 🙄

Rhythm says:

arun Raju bob bob bob vagne

Rhythm says:

Rahul More then it will cloth off

LocoEnElCoco says:

It will rain

byterasstty v2 says:

There Is a thing called a charging cable

Zuver says:

*Sees the price*

hugo chen says:

Zuver sees ooff…oof

Euphoria One says:

I wish Smartphones could come up with this on their back panels. Even if it takes 5 hours to full charge, still not a problem because it will help for sure in charger less times !

Papzi says:

That wouldnt take 5 hours to charge, that would take much longer

Mas Haq Kresno says:


Marco Lopes says:

Lg had a solar panel to attach on to the back of a phone. Cant remember the model, and it did work quite well.
It was LG GD510

SpartaRemixFan1 says:

I also have a old Samsung phone with a solar panel on the back

Andrea LaineeeeV says:

Definitely a must have especially this summer season. 🤗

Olas Bradisson says:

Andrea LaineeeeV wow a real life sims character

Oliver Kehm says:

There are way cheaper panels you can get than this one

sadman hoque says:

unless you’re going really long hiking trips or camping sort of thing all of these solar panel chargers are useless

Broodjekaas ! says:

no power in the night…

iSos Gaming says:

Private User the moon outputs pretty much zero KJ compared to the sun’s radiation, also the electricity in air is negligible and air is (normally) an insulator

iSos Gaming says:

Broodjekaas ! Obviously it charges up a battery during the day like cmon buddy

JOBO says:

They store the energy idiot

Mas Haq Kresno says:


Alper896 says:

Just turn on a light then you have power

Veridian says:

Too bad I never go outside

mrk107 says:

It’s about time you get out of your moms basement.

Rudderator says:

Greek Power me too thanks

Hawaiisidecar says:


Rhythm says:

Gauge Engeron whats your adress im just gonna do something

Oskar W. says:

You sir just achieved not only one, but two top comments. Not bad at all

Anurag says:

It’s A Great Product 👌.

Veridian says:

I prefer my hamster powered paper


Moz ikr

Simonstar says:

Moz Aha, I’m the one who’s insecure? You’ve clearly seen my ability to reply to pathetic comments well yet you perceive to find a flaw with what I have said to get some dopamine so you feel better about your sad life. Pathetic man, I’m gonna stop replying now unless you say something really dumb. Enjoy your evening and don’t be pathetic. Thank you.

Simonstar says:

ZQUISITOR “ikr” to what? Your profile picture is clearly an ugly troll face much like what you’re probably in real life so I’ll choose to ignore your sly comment which you haven’t put much thought into. Have a nice day

Simonstar says:

Miggy O. I know right?! Where’s my popcorn!? This pathetic behaviour is hilarious. 😂

Abdul Rahim Khan says:

Come on let’s play pubg ÷)

Casey Montrey says:


Smartt Kide says:


01101110 0 01100111 01100 says:


Broodjekaas ! says:

trust me, you can’t yse this thing in the Netherlands..

Olas Bradisson says:

Just attach a freaking windmill to your phones boom problem solved

damian konijn says:

you can.. this guy is a troll and needs to kill himself… his name is literally cheesebread

Tim Janczak says:

Honestly thats a good thing. My town is pretty lit at night

Alper896 says:

In sweden we dont see sunlight for like 4-5 months

Naweed Reza says:

This is sooooooooo true ahahahahaha. Time to invent a mini turbine charger and profit from Dutch investors 😂

Kigel 11 says:

Take this to some arabian desert and it might get roasted.

kcys34 says:

“arabian desert”

Unbox Master says:

Kigel 11
doesn’t even need to be a desert… I live in a coastal city in the middle east and it easily hits 50° Celsius here… Air conditioning everywhere is a necessity over here…

nk says:

Reported 49c in Dubai yesterday.

sadman hoque says:

Kigel 11 typical silicon based solar cells are highly resistant to heat, although their efficiency might drop somewhat

Osama Samir says:


Mammu S says:

Make a video without your cap😁😂

powerlinkers says:

Lewi needs to undergo hair-transplantion to appear without a cap.

The Gidgter says:

we have powerbanks, it’s nice this maybe helpful in emergency purpose tho.

Sara Ahmad says:

Like like like ✨✨✨

Czajska says:

Am I The only girl watching Unbox Therapy? 😂

Mimou Chiron says:

Czajska the only dumb girl maybe

Hippo says:

Mimou Chiron y mean tho

Osama bin Laden says:

Why would you be?

SORAB TV says:

My girlfriend is watching it too

Tech Thusiast says:

How did you get 11,000,000 subs?

Jacob L says:

Tech Thusiast
He Paid 11,000,000 people to subscribe to him.

blackdream1900 says:

he made 11 million accounts and he subbed to himself . took him a while though.

Kodi Best Build says:

Nice video mate kodi users it would be so nice if you sub to me ♥

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