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It’s My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

August 11, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Mophie Juice Pack Case (UNITED STATE Web link) – Mophie Juice Load Instance (International) – Mophie Cost Pressure Instance (USA Web link) – Mophie Fee Force Instance (International) – The Mophie line of battery items are most likely my

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Mophie Juice Pack Case (UNITED STATE Web link) –
Mophie Juice Load Instance (International) –
Mophie Cost Pressure Instance (USA Web link) –
Mophie Fee Force Instance (International) –

The Mophie line of battery items are most likely my preferred mobile phone accessories. Mophie makes battery situations and also other power relevant items for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, apple iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL and also others (most likely the upcoming apple iphone 8 as well). I'm currently making use of the Charge Force situation with my Galaxy S8.

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Ravpreet Kaur says:

3rd comment and view..
Still not enough to get a reply from Lew? huh?🤔

ConstantMinecrafting says:

Ravpreet Kaur nope

Ace Hunter says:

Ravpreet Kaur nobody cares specially lew if you’re the 3rd comment or nah

Zinc Minx says:

First to comment!!!

ConstantMinecrafting says:

Zinc Minx nope

Cruale07 says:

I’m not -last/first/gay-

Skaterthegamer says:

Only people with Big Dicks will like this

Mr Skaapu says:

Skaterthegamer disliked

christian gray says:

Skaterthegamer its opposite day

Benjamin Iracheta says:

Are you British? Because England is my city

Lucas Magno says:

@Benjamin Iracheta he is canadian

laughfaster1 says:


Frentzy says:

dead meme already

Larry Larry says:

Nah, england belongs to islam now

Mario Ada says:

This is the shittiest meme

EatJin says:


To like my own comment

Stuffy Pancake says:

So unoriginal

sunil selvan says:

Cool 😎 video it really helps

Raymond Parts says:

please stop this stupid trend

Unbox Therapy says:

Mophie has not paid me for this video, I’m simply a fan of these products. They make these battery cases for other smartphones as well including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. You can find most of them through the following links –

Mophie Juice Pack Case (USA Link) –
Mophie Juice Pack Case (International) –

Mophie Charge Force Case (USA Link) –
Mophie Charge Force Case (International) –

masi uddin says:

Unbox Therapy hey.. Can u find a juice pack for one plus 5…..

Hamza Tayyab Choudhary says:

Unbox Therapy
Dude please tell me Your favourite phone for personal use

Brolo Crew says:

ATTENTION!!!! I am reacting to SUBSCRIBERS VIDEOS on my channel!!! If u sub to me I will react to your video!!! Do so I will also be giving out heaps of shoutouts!!! PLUS I SUB TO PEOPLE I REACT TO

Jibraiel Malick says:

I need this to top comment.

But I got nothin’.

HaxorsHelper says:


Top Kek says:

did u have a fucking stroke while typing this

Waffle Daily says:

I upload waffles every single day

Jack says:

great what a waste of time

Sploke says:

You need to do something with the waffles tho. Pour some syrup on them and cut them up or something.

Sumit, Your Subscriber says:



I Am Fan says:

Sumit, Your Subscriber lol

QuackTTR says:


just chillin says:

Sumit, Your Subscriber What the fuk!! Dude u r on every indian channel i know and even here. What the fuk do u do with ur life

Pranay Sharma says:

just chillin what does he do with his life?

Alex Felipe says:

just chillin the same thing you do with your life

Tyrell JDM says:

Any small youtubers tryna help each other 👀👀

Ibis says:

Tyrell JDM me

Colin Fausett says:

Tyrell JDM yeah

Mr. Tuber says:


Dylan Whisnant says:


Viral gossips says:


Deepender Singh says:

But doesn’t the wireless charging charge the phone slower ??

TIGIY says:

Of course it does, but would you for example charge your phone with a powerbank+cable in your pocket ? Would be a bit dull.

Nano Mine says:

Cruale07 You’ll need a wireless charging station to charge wirelessly.

Pranay Sharma says:

TIGIY no the Samsung galaxy s8 has fast charge so it charges faster

Caleb Bell says:

Cruale07 I believe the s8 supports wireless charging on it’s own. So all you need is a wireless charger. (But maybe Google it first)

Abhi Ganesh says:

My S8 charges about 10 minutes slower from 30%-100%, not a huge difference if that’s the concern.

Mr Random says:

Bixby is a flop… just buy an iPhone… seriously quit the moaning.

Γιάννης-Παναγιώτης Τζανάκος says:

I d rather buy the S8 and Root it so i can map the button to Google assistant and have the same speed aa your iphone by optimising the rom rather than an iPhone rhat in 2 years from now i wont be able to jailbreak. Seriously the only reason id buy the iphone is if they allow to clean the cache without the need of reinstalling IOS AGAIN and streaming my content to my tv without the Apple Tv cause in Greece it is USELESS

EchoMecho14 says:

My siri uses consist of setting alarms and other small tasks. Google assistant, AND Bixby can do those same tasks.

Pro Cars says:

YouTube Commenter just thinking the samething

Γιάννης-Παναγιώτης Τζανάκος says:

Ian Thompson in real life we have more features. So 0 fucks given

beatmaister says:

Mr Random lol google is a thing. I like how your only reason to get an iphone is “everybody got one”

Deepak gupta says:

which phone do you use as daily drive?????

wael suliman says:

Finaly s8 accessory !!!!

SoundCloud Rapper says:

Deepak gupta He said S8

itswilliamohk says:

Deepak gupta he uses the pixel and the s8

Nano Mine says:

He literally shwoed you in the video.

Nick Rajaie says:

What’s the point of the S8 if you make it ugly af?

Yonas Getu says:

Phones are made to be both functional and stylish. When you cover it up, you not only lose some of that awesome style, you also waste a little bit of money as the phone’s design and look was included in that high price you paid. However, a lot of people don’t care as much and you aren’t losing everything.It might be a lesser S8, but it’s still an S8 that does the same exact thing. It still has a point even if it’s diminished somewhat.

Nick Rajaie says:

Yonas Getu Yeah, but one of the best things about the S8 is its design. So why would you get a case for it? If you’re gonna get a case for your phone, you might as well get a Pixel.

Jacob Brown says:

here’s a great app on the state of the battery wear

Carl Edwards says:

today downloaded, now I check all phones :))

Ivan Liu says:

Just buy a battery pack instead of the second case

Helicard says:

So I bought a new computer mouse and was about to to rip the box open. When I hear Lew’s voice in my head say we need a big knife.

Hamza Tayyab Choudhary says:

Unbox therapy
Please tell your favourite phone for personal use

Hamza Tayyab Choudhary says:

Reply me please

Hamza Tayyab Choudhary says:

It’s my only one question

Daniel Trankina says:

so glad my s7 edge still last all day with no problems. #makethephonethickerforafullsizebattery

Aidan Wallington says:

HEY EVERYONE!!! I learned a trick to play music on YouTube ( I only tested it on ios) even when you leave the app…. I don’t know if it has to do with me downloading iOS 11, but whatever. While you are watching the vid on the app, just double click the power button

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