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OnePlus 6 Unboxing – Is This The One?

May 16, 2018 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Unpacking The OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 is the most recent front runner device from OnePlus. The OnePlus 6 will certainly deliver in three color choices, Mirror Black, Midnight Black as well as Silk White. My comprehensive OnePlus 6

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Unpacking The OnePlus 6. The OnePlus 6 is the most recent front runner device from OnePlus. The OnePlus 6 will certainly deliver in three color choices, Mirror Black, Midnight Black as well as Silk White. My comprehensive OnePlus 6 video clip remains in the works. Remain tuned!


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Unbox Therapy says:

This unit did not feature retail software at the time of filming. More comprehensive video coming soon!

Reymito Novas says:

Bert The Avenger Samsung most be doing something right then lol

Andinga Tacho says:

Unbox Therapy shut up and take my 600th like

McJames Mo says:

Unbox Therapy You need to hook me up with this beautiful phone

Vanessa B says:

Unbox Therapy Can you review the microsoft surface hub 2 pls

Mr C says:

You know it’s time to upgrade your phone when you’re 8 GB of total storage is equal to OnePlus 6’s ram

JustAName says:

Try me 250mbs hahhha

Hasselblad X1D-50c says:

Mr C Indian niggas be like

Toxic Hazard says:

Phones now have as much RAM as my Gaming PC. It’s insane to think about that.

sumanta banik says:

I still find OnePlus 5t more aesthetically compelling than 6. But hey its got the notch. Not a fan of that, it kinda speaks for itself something like “Hey we did our best with the screen but, duhhh if iPhone couldn’t come up with a full screen design, how are we supposed to. End of the day, we need to copy the iPhone”

Jordan Larsen says:

Apple and Samsung have been copying each other back and forth for generations but rn the entire iPhone design is modeled around the screen that Samsung makes and the screen to body ratio that samsung pioneered… not the right time to make a “when is the last time apple copied anyone else” argument because basically everything in the iPhone 10 was on the market before the iPhone 10

sumanta banik says:

Yep I know, I mentioned that as gestures in my comments. Hey thats what I meant, if apple copies 1 they will copy 10. Well to list out a few, Multi-touch, face-id, dual camera setup, touch id, long press icon gesture, around the body antenna bands, even removing the head phone jack (LoL glad OP6 didn’t do that). Well thats seriously insane!!! Well I may be wrong in few cases, but these ideas got popular after apple introduced it. So you get my point right?

sumanta banik says:

Yeah Apple made it through hardware, OnePlus soon after that, through software (first 5T then 5 I guess) 🙂

Lil Sharkey says:

Apple did not copyrigh the notch, nor did it discourage use of the notch, nor did it make a notch that was not essentially a smaller bezel.

sumanta banik says:

Well, I wish I could but I am pretty sure they will wait till the next iPhone to launch (hope you get it) 😀

Mihail Mihalache says:

It’s switching time! I’m doing it from note 8

Pad 21 says:

It’s the same thing just a downgrade I had the 5 plus

Lil Sharkey says:

why would you even buy the note 8?

Tony13000000 says:

lol or keep ur phone and stop making an expensive phone switch for no good reason every year

Axell Bongers says:

I also have the note 8 at the time, but the camera isnt that good, especially in low light. I’ve had an oneplus 3t before it, and that was WAY better then the note 8, rated at speed/camera/battery. Think i’m going for the Oneplus 6 also. The note 8 might be expensive but isnt worth the money.

R A H U L R A J A N says:

The video looks soo cool on my Nokia 3310.

TheDarknapalm says:

Great im going to end up with 6 phones thanks unbox therapy

LaZ Boi says:

TheDarknapalm Which ones

Learn With Shohagh says:

Just give me a more resistant back if you’re not gonna include wireless charging on a glass one

Kyoto Sprites says:

coffee keeps me going LAZY BUMS DETECTED.. I think you are obese…

peterkierstv says:

Everyone here hating on coffee keeps me going. I want wireless charging because I know eventually the charge port will break

Omar Irsyad says:

It for fast lte

Surreal says:

-Good phone for the price, in my opinion better than the Zenfone 5z that will comeout at the same price or mi 7 that we know little about.
-Design is questionable, but for my taste its fine, although zenfone 5 looks better.
-Why are people complaining about the notch so much??? There is no other way to get a larger screen without making a phone larger!!! Companies cant put the cameras and sensors under the screen just yet, so deal with it- thats the only option. I would better have a 6.3 inch screen than 5.8 but with no notch. For all fanboys and dummies, yes iphone X started the trend, but it wasnt the first one with a notch- it was Essential, so please calm down.
– Bottom line: i will buy it for myself as im not planning to swim with it neither i use wirless charging, so its a no brainer! For the price it is a great well rounded phone, i dont care if anyone will flame me about it look and similarities with fruit products, cause i bought it for myself not others!!! if you dont like it , go and spend twice as much for an iphone and you will get way more goodies, but mind the price and price/perfomance ratio.
-Conclusion: this is a good phone for a price, im still curious about the camera performance, and its a shame that it doesnt have a wide angle lense. The selling point over competitors was the size of the screen and you dont get amoled nor on zenfone 5 neither on mi mix 2s
PS remember the 529msrp not 800 not a 1200, so “wish” accordingly

Surreal says:

my point wasnt to show that apple copied it, they did not! But to give the credit where the credit is due

Mitul Chittoory says:

Surreal Dude, you have particularly categorized the people who thought iPhone X brought the notch trend as fanboys and dummies, even though it’s true, regardless of the fact that the Essential phone was the first one to bring it. I’m just wondering why people have to bring up the iPhone every time there’s a heated discussion about some smartphone feature. But yeah, you haven’t specifically said that Apple has copied the idea.

Surreal says:

Mitul Chittoory I brought up an apple after I have read the comments lol, basically answering

Surreal says:

Mitul Chittoory I love iPhone X, and I’m not a hater at all, it is the best phone available period, uless you are like me and cannot justify spending so much money on the phone or just like the freedom of an Android and want a larger screen, one plus 6 looks like a good deal

Arsene Wenger says:

This video will get millions of views in the next few days

Amogh says:

Arsene Wenger Wenger Out

Luke Sargeant says:

I mean he does have 10 mil subs

Vaibhav Chitneni says:

Who else saw Lewis’ unboxing clip in the launch event?

Elijah Wilson says:

Vaibhav Chitneni i didnt…ill go whatch it

David Camargo says:

The notch is simply stupid wether or not you can hide it, just think about it, let’s cut the screen to give em more screen, come on!! it simply is stupid and can’t wait for the manufacturers to change their stupidity, Lew, please do not try to convince us that is the future, be neutral, don’t lose it.

StickMasterKai says:

David Camargo that made absolutely no sense, the notch was created so that Apple can compete with other companies by decreasing the bezels.

David Peter says:

It’s a place to put unimportant things like your clock, wifi icon and such. You can then have a larger rectangular viewable area below the notch. It literally only has benefits. I think that people who complain about it are thinking that something is being cut off. Nothing is cut off at all.

David Camargo says:

I understand that, iss just my opinion, they should have waited until they figured it out instead of presenting unfinished products, I see no point on cutting the screen to “give us more screen”

StickMasterKai says:

Exactly, people just want to be a bandwagon hate towards Apple, simply because its Apple. They’re so blinded and biased by how useful a notch can be, I find it better than have a *full bar* like how Samsung has implemented into their phones. Other Android companies have realized the potential of a notch and decided to implement it into their flagship phones as well.

EmperorOfSomething says:

I despise this damn “notch” look with a passion. So glad this one has a hide notch feature.

Ricardo Alves says:

EmperorOfSomething neally all have the feature of hiding the notch

Veridian says:

A notch you can hide and a headphone jack? I’m liking what I see so far

Nate Cleveland says:

Luke et who even uses wireless charging? You can’t move it around when it’s charging, an the pad is…. wired.

BeXGames says:

Nobody needs wireless charging. It’s dumb and… Why? With cable it’s way faster then Wireless charging… It’s not important, the same as 3D capture on Phones…

Arbel Barak says:

a “hidden” notch IS having a bigger screen plus a bezel. It’s actually better because then you can use the “bezel” to display time, signals and notifications. Notch is the only way to go till you have a “jack in the box” camera like Vivo has that’s good enough.

JohnnyJTav says:

Thank you OnePlus… Me No Notcho

Durpy _ MB says:

Its an awesome phone that I defiantly can’t afford

XboxMLGProGamer says:

Durpy _ MB
It’s about the same price as every other good phone (iPhone, Samsung, etc.

maja sedic says:

ROS Gameplay doesn’t make any sense with what instead of with

Nendra Primasta says:

Work as an interpreter, you’ll be able to buy that phone by working for a few hours.
But I think you need to learn English first, though.

Unais Unu says:

What about the speed I need?

Jonathan says:

Unais Unu comes with the ram?

Shaikh Arslaan says:

The Game Changer entered the Ground… Now see how it plays

Taniford says:

How does it change the game?

Sara Ahmad says:

Nice video

TheValueKing says:

Hey, if you’re reading this, I hope you have a nice day!

Purple Advance says:

Thanks likewise

Muhammad Haziq Aiman says:

TheValueKing have a nice day too😊

Shashank Jindal says:

This is awwwwesome! Hideable notch, better optimisation and aggressive pricing, OnePlus 6 seems great.

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