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Removing The Notch From iPhone X

November 14, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) The apple iphone X "Notch" has actually been a subject of much conversation. Some don't appear to mind it while others hate it. Today, an application hit the scene claiming to free your apple iphone X of it's notch.

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

The apple iphone X "Notch" has actually been a subject of much conversation. Some don't appear to mind it while others hate it. Today, an application hit the scene claiming to free your apple iphone X of it's notch. The "Notch cleaner App" is currently (surprisingly) readily available in the iphone application shop. Just what do you assume? If you've obtained an iPhone X has the notch been bothering you or have you gotten used to it?

iPhone X Notch Remover Application –


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Unbox Therapy says:

The Best 9 Dollars You’ll Ever Spend…

Valentin Novac says:

When will Stem controller review come up????????????????????????????????????????

Teedo says:

But can’t you just save a wallpaper with a black bar at the top… Instead of buying the ap? lmao.

Rogue Shadow says:

Let the notch stay

Rogue Shadow says:

notch lives matter lol

Epiclifery Active says:

*Just Edit The Photo, Why Would Anyone Buy An App For Just A Wallpaper!*

Kyle Rebman says:

folkert edit it on a computer, save to drive, download to iPhone 10…

folkert says:

Kyle Rebman that is way to hard

Just Kuku says:

Epiclifery Active iphone users…iphone users brooo

Trxppykey 420 says:

Mikey P lol pls explain


probably the same reason people buy a phone just for a logo

AB-TECH says:

I think the notch is a beautiful thing on the iphone X which make it looks different

pariocean chicago says:

Beatiful????? Really? wow!! I guess it’s a question of taste but damn I think it is the uglyest and non sense things I have seen on a smartphone with a beautiful screen!

repap design says:

AB-TECH so you would like it if your missing half of your hood in your car?

Rahul shankar says:

AB-TECH Drink Bleach

R.O.T.C SEEM says:

Kindly like the no headphone jack

TNe TeNZ says:

I think the same as you, AB-TECH. It’s a styling choice that gives the phone a unique look, same as when Samsung started with the Edge designs. Makes you know the phone at first glance and some people like the look of it.

Corey Hillie says:

the notch is not that bad I don’t understand why it makes people so mad. it only obstructive when you want to extend the video beyond the notch so I don’t get it.

Fearzzy says:

last time considered a flagship iphone beutiful before this was at the iphone 5 or 6 release, which is a loong time ago

Kevin De Smet says:

I see the notch as a cheap marketing ploy for 1) brand identity and 2) 5,8″ on the spec sheet

Corey Hillie says:

Kevin De Smet most thing phone company do is brad identity. Like im a samsung fan but there’s really not that much of a use for the curved screen but i like it and it helps me identify that its a samsung and that sane phone has one of the oddest aspec ratio.

Corey Hillie says:


xavier wilson says:

Corey Hillie the problem with the notch is when watching full screen videos

andrei oprea says:

Notch is fine. Wtf

xavier wilson says:

andrei oprea doesn’t the notch get in the way of full screen videos?

Dundundan says:

xavier wilson no

Lokki 1 says:

Lmfao i actually really like the notch

Shahrier Nabil says:

i bought iPhone x to show i got one. removing the notch just kills my reason. how will they know that I am using iPhone x?

Adam N says:

So you spent $1200 bucks on something you didn’t actually want or need just to show off. You Apple sheep are a sad materialistic bunch.

HackerXAwesome says:

The camera going down on the back

Matthew A says:

You idiot IT HAS NO HOME BUTTON!!! People will instantly know it’s an iPhone X when they see there’s no home button.

Abhishek Ranjan says:

I prefer that notch over this app.

Abhishek Ranjan says:

Dulnath Perera srilankan?

Dulnath Perera says:

Abhishek Ranjan yeah! But How do u know I’m Srilankan?

Abhishek Ranjan says:

Dulnath Perera Perera seemed like the surname of srilankans like dilruwan and thisara Perera!!!!

Abhishek Ranjan says:

Dulnath Perera I follow cricket so . Do you as well?

THE GUY says:

The app is literally useless since you can do a screenshot and then just edit it on your pc and put it back in your phone

Fajita says:

Here’s the greatest solution to fix the notch; get an android phone 🙂

Ian5700 says:

Fajita and the war started…

Jake Worden says:

I know right lol

Nolan Nettles says:

Fajita that’s true

Nolan Nettles says:

you can get a notchless phone such as the xaomi

ToeMosS _Vlogs says:

Adam N if you don’t like the notch get the 8 or 8 plus

Jack Rogers says:

What’s the problem with the notch???

THE GUY says:

Jack Rogers I know right? If you don’t like the notch fucking buy a different phone.

joydbr says:

With the notch, when you are playing a game you probably have buttons on some side, with the notch the buttons will get cut

StreetkillnHD says:

its ugly, annoying, stupid, not innovative, uncalled for.

Jabs AMG says:

waquzy ironic*

New MintGameKing says:

Yeah, Notch created Minecraft.

ZAZBO says:


Mephobia says:

*WHY* would people buy the new iPhone X if they hate the notch? Dumb sheep people…

R.O.T.C SEEM says:

Mephobia they can’t resist Apple it’s not there fault we have to help them

Mephobia says:

It sounds impossible. If you don’t like the notch and you go out and spend all your money on a phone with a notch, the joke is on you. Some people are just too stupid to realize that.

LeGOAT James says:

They made the notch, so they can release the exact same phone next year, but without the notch, so people keep buying their shitty products

Muhammad Saleh says:

I agree

Valerie A says:

exactly first thing I thought! so predictable

ToeMosS _Vlogs says:

Apple makes good products. You honestly can’t sit here say that apples phones are not good. If they were so bad no one would buy them. Just because they don’t appeal to you does not automatically make them a bad product.

Jissipi says:

Apple Phones aren’t bad, they’ve just become a scummy company releasing new phones that don’t change much each release, besides their design. Samsung is quite the same way too. I for one, don’t buy either, I buy really cheap ZTE phones, because I see no use in having a 1,000 dollar phone with extra power when I have a gaming pc at home that can do 100x more than any phone.

Fardeen Riyadh says:

EXACTLY. I’m so lucky to have a Samsung S8

A A says:

The notch is ok

Sarantos Kolliniatis says:

A A No it’s not because it gets in the way of the videos you watch.

Sam Batchelor says:

Sarantos Kolliniatis so does pinching in on any phone with a screen so long?

Sam Batchelor says:

Sarantos Kolliniatis so does pinching in on any phone with a screen so long?

Andrew Laqui says:

The notch is horrible. The app to fix it is worse. Either make a setting to make a permanent notch or a permanent black bar, but don’t tout around a paid app that is useless 99% of the time. Get it together, Apple.

Charade says:

Woah, what a top notch app

AssassinTheft V says:

Charade ha ha.. not funny

MK records says:

u just removed awesomeness from this video

SNGaming says:

I bet iPhone Xs or XI will have no notch 😂 and cost more than 1k

TSL J says:

I come from the future. I can confirm you are correct.

Mr Splashman says:

TSL J price it does Kanye really run for president in 2020

Jissipi says:

The new Iphone XI, to slim down the phone even more, we have removed the volume and power buttons!
The new Iphone XII, once again, we’re slimming down the phone, so we will remove the camera because it takes up a little too much space.
The new Iphone XIII, we have decided to remove the phone entirely, to make it as thin as we possibly can!


Ali Alkoot says:

I would do the same as the app but without buying it

THE GUY says:

ikr they are charging for something that every idiot should be able to do

The Albert Time says:

😂Apple’s Engineers are crazy ! Why * nonsense iPhone Ten (x) screen design .

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