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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?

May 12, 2018 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9? Get $5 off plus free shipping on your very first set of SAXX: (United States) (Canada). The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is Samsung's most current front runner mobile phone. I spent a

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?
Get $5 off plus free shipping on your very first set of SAXX: (United States) (Canada).

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is Samsung's most current front runner mobile phone. I spent a few weeks utilizing it as my ONLY smart device. Turns out the Galaxy S9 is a formidable gamer in the smart device market providing among one of the most diverse attribute collections. Many thanks for viewing my Galaxy S9 testimonial.



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Unbox Therapy says:

Get $5 off plus free shipping on your first pair of SAXX: (United States) (Canada)

jesse_kyl3 says:

Unbox Therapy yes! i regretted getting an iPhone 8+… such a cluttered setting and very restrictive phone

Mo Hicks676 says:

Can you unbox therapy and others subscribe to my YouTube channel@ Mo hicks676

Kodi Best Build says:

Great video bro

Yassinamal Overlord says:

How did you know, my grandma used nova launcher.

Rhitam Dutta says:

OMG you’re reviewing underwears now lololololol

SuJu_Mimi says:

i’ve used different launchers on my note 4, but ended up missing samsung’s native launcher and switched back realllll quick….and haven’t even bothered with any on my note 8

ThePeddle says:

I haven’t used a Launcher since the original Note. I’m on the S8 plus now and I just use Samsungs theme store to change up the look. The new Samsung experience is the best imho

ScienceWithJames says:

I like to switch between Samsung’s launcher and the nova launcher.

Saeed Abbasi says:

Note 8 is THE android experience. That’s strange how stock android isn’t the ultimate experience 🙂

ScienceWithJames says:

Saeed Abbasi I’m on an S9, I can confirm.

Kyle Styx says:

Nova launcher used to be my go-to for previous android phones, by which I mean the Note 4 and 5, but on my Note 8 I thought I would give other launchers a try. Microsoft Launcher is one that has caught my attention at the moment because, while isn’t as flexible with user preference as Nova, it is pretty good looking with its box-like design. Because of it, I started using outlook and Office 365 applications, and it has been very generous with performance and syncing to my computer whenever I want to continue my work there. Overall, I would still rate Nova Launcher over everything else, but Microsoft Launcher is getting near Nova for me.

AMG says:

Finally someone who favours the S9+ over the Pixel 2XL.

Keith Perry says:

We all do for about 2 to 3 months, then realize why we chose the Pixel to begin with….He’ll be back

Eventus Vantos says:

AMG finally a breath of fresh air and of the truth.

[SD]ViRuZ says:

Keith Perry not rlly

Celestia Pony says:

Keith Perry like everytime, lew has always been on google’s side since the Galaxy Nexus came out, he’ll be back for the Pixel 3 XL if he doesn’t switch sooner

The stock experience really makes the difference, something that i can’t explain

BOW Studios says:

The S9 gives the best low light photos because of the variable aperture and he calls it a gimmick.
He doesn’t call the super slo mo a gimmick.

M378 says:

BOW Studios the point of the variable aperture was not to improve low light photos. The goal was to improve the sharpness. When a lens is as wide as it can be, it is generally slightly softer than when it is stopped down. By having variable aperture, the lens doesn’t need to be wide open all the time, only when it needs to be. For that reason s9 photos are just slightly sharper (although it’s pretty much imperceptible).

If you want to give something credit for the low light performance, give the credit to the s9 having the widest available aperture, not it being variable.

Bogdan Adzic says:

M378 y but if it didnt have variable aperture it wouldnt be abel to be good at day light

lego batman says:

Excuse me, low light photos… to my p20 pro 😎

[SD]ViRuZ says:

lego batman p20 pro id better at many low light cases but the s9+ at others

i prefer the p20 pro at sharpeness when it comes to low light but sometimes it feels overprocessed

Palatine of facts says:

It should say “could you buy the s9” because it costs a thousand USD

[SD]ViRuZ says:

Palatine of facts 840 euros for thr s9+ in my area and 1500 euros for iPhone X xD

Karltroid says:

LBee I got my pixel 2 XL for $650

Da Clorox Bleach says:


Best24 says:

Palatine of facts BRO WTF HERE THE S9+ is 1000 euros thats like 1200 dollars and i live in finland thats BS

Whistling Bungghole says:


l WwoOowW l says:

l get Samsung s9 plus 3 months ago

it’s really dope

PSilence 01 says:

Yea but u can’t use ur phone while it’s charging with a wireless charger. At least I can when I plug it in.

Eventus Vantos says:

PSilence 01 yes you can use it while its on the pad. And also it’s super convenient to charge your phone in the car.

PSilence 01 says:

Eventus Vantos- how bout when ur in bed and u wanna be in ur phone. Or on the couch? Sucks. I dnt wanna look over at my screen on a flat surface.

ivanecek Gamer says:

PSilence 01 yeah and damage the battery.

Rafael Henrique de Oliveira says:

Actually, you can deactivate the Bixby screen when swiping left. Touch and hold the screen, the same way as you would change the wallpaper, slide left to the screen where it shows Bixby, and turn off the toggle in the upper right corner. About “Pixelizing” the S9, simply find a “Material Design” theme, and there it go!

Ethan Liu says:

Rafael Henrique de Oliveira yeah I’m confused why he said that nova launcher was the only way to disable

Hady Kobrossy says:

Thank you, he obviously missed that somehow.. All it would’ve taken is a simple google search to know that. I’m alert now.

DrLiNuX DX says:

Does SAXX underwear have wireless balls warming 😀

ツNuclearSoulz says:

DrLiNuX DX, omg XD

GameplayXL says:

Wow 😂

Peter Sagan says:

Pls my ballsack becomes raisins in winter

RMA says:


Lil Doggo says:

My predictions.
Note 9 > Pixel 3XL > Iphone X+ > One plus 6.

Alfred Bokea says:

Lil Doggo yeah man the Note 9 should be a beast

Jack Jazzdeathform says:

One plus is gud phone

Grabster says:


Hatsuharu says:

Siri : I don’t feel good,Apple.

avinash gupta says:

See, according to me Samsung gives a better feel of what android ‘was’ supposed to be than Pixel.
Hear me out, so since the beginning apple and android took two different approaches towards usability. Apple sacrificed a few features and didnt give too many options so that they mold their consumers usage as well as provide simplicity, while android was all about options.
Pixel is not providing options, it takes an apple approach again. No expandable Storage, wireless charging, no headphone jack, I mean where are the goddam options.
Samsung Galaxy phones provide many options, in fact it has to do everything even the aremoji for gods sake, but the point is you dont make compromises in android and that is what samsung delivers.

Pritam Ghosh says:

avinash gupta Said perfectly. Kudos!

rittik roy says:

Well said brother !

Saeed Abbasi says:

Well said. AGREE

[SD]ViRuZ says:

avinash gupta agreed

Banana Bob87 says:

Did Lew just say S9 is better than Pixel 2…….. JUSTICE IS SERVED

Aidan Mousavi says:

May 12 2018, the death of the Google Pixel 2, finally succeeded from the Samsung Galaxy S9

Toure Taylor says:

Year 2021, Phone Charging ports removed.


Enzo Rechner says:

Toure Taylor the display

Jack Jazzdeathform says:

The actual phone

Toure Taylor says:

Then the motherboard……..

Tom Lademann says:


TheTinyPigeon says:

He said nothing about the amazing low light photos s9+ camera can do

Karltroid says:

TheTinyPigeon honestly the low light photos I’ve seen from the S9 are very disappointing, especially how that was meant to be the whole selling point in their ADs.

desi hip hop says:


Top Lists says:

I got S9 Plus a few weeks ago, Its amazing phone with an amazing display and a really good camera.

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