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Switching to the iPhone X…

November 10, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Subscribe for my iPhone X evaluation – Is the apple iphone X worthwhile of "day-to-day motorist" standing? Is the apple iphone X the best iPhone Apple has ever made? Just how does the apple iphone X stack up vs

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Subscribe for my iPhone X evaluation –

Is the apple iphone X worthwhile of "day-to-day motorist" standing? Is the apple iphone X the best iPhone Apple has ever made? Just how does the apple iphone X stack up vs the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Razer Phone as well as others? I'll be putting my SIM card right into the X as well as using it for at the very least one week. Make certain to subscribe for my follow-up apple iphone X testimonial coming shortly. Likewise, if you really did not capture my apple iphone X unboxing make certain to go back as well as check it out (took an unique approach on that one).

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Unbox Therapy says:

They say the battery can last up to one week 👁️ 👁️

Rasmus Djerf says:

Unbox Therapy When you first unboxed the Razer phone it looked like you found the love of your life and now you are switching! I’m pretty sure that you will switch back to Razer in a week but let’s see.

Systamatic says:

prithvi raj he already did one

armando krulc says:

why don’t you make a Sony XZ premium review

Giorat23 says:


Dantoxism says:

*One of the PRIVILEGES*

Korok #758 says:

dumb feminist owned like and share 👍💯😂

Endohh says:

Heretics shall be cleansed I haven’t… Damn thanks for reminding

Switch Back says:


stonecrestmovies says:

Wow, so original.

KeepItSideways Zz says:

White privilege
Male privilege


re hash says:

Lmao, that Razor phone got a week. Gotta give a little back to the sponsors.

Hamnesi says:


Italiano Dio says:

Hamnesi That’s what I was thinking. No LG phone at all…except the Pixel 2 XL.

brylle namuag says:

Did he use that phone?

VinnetouCZE says:

Why he never reviewed LG V30? That phone has everything!

Alex Disibio says:

It doesn’t have a removable battery. But it is still better than the other flagships that don’t have removable batteries either.

Italiano Dio says:

That’s why. It is too good of a phone.. He doesn’t want to make the competition look daft. Haha.. JK. What competition..

Tee B says:

VinnetouCZE Note 8 is better.

sunsbookishgamesx says:

I’m andriod all the way.

But i still find myself watching every iPhone x video 😣

Joosua Anttila says:

Noah R same

Michael says:

Android is lame lol

Gooby Dingle says:

You’re the first girl I’ve seen that prefers Android over iOS, you’re smart.

Toto Hadiarto says:

yes the iPhone X looks cool.but after you hold it for 2sec you’ll get frustrated because you cannot move the icons to places you want them to be. you cannot watch YouTube while browsing the internet. you have to hold your pace while walking and put the phone in front of your face to unlock. you have no cool customised minimalistic theme. Then you realize: ah, android is better with all the freedom. (not to mention the price)

mexican rick says:

sunsbookishgamesx to see how bad it is

Crucial says:

where is the note 8?? that has to be the best phone of 2017.

ali humaya says:

Crucial yes the best phone

Michael Morales says:


LeBleuQc says:

Razer phone wants a talk with you

Pyukumuku says:

too big and bulky for me

MrMentalSoul says:

Dude, the Pixel 2 XL IS NOT plastic. It’s a metal phone with a coating. I’m a bit shocked you got that wrong.

Johnny Papas says:

Ares you trolling? 😐

Whales Are Awesome says:

It’s a pOLED display so it is assembled with a plastic coating

Whales Are Awesome says:

The p stands for plastic

Ares says:

Well his exact words are “this device is the first on the planet with a 120hz ultra motion display”. In that case he’s even more incorrect since technically the first “device” with a 120hz display is a samsung desktop monitor from 2009.

Vlad Donbas says:

Ares he meant to say the first smartphone

Nicolas Hošek says:

S8+ still the Best overall.
iPhones are garbage since iPhone 4.
When I saw Samsung’s new ad yesterday where they are making fun of iPhone again I found it funny yet true that only adults and smart people who care about quality, have Galaxy phones.

“Upgrade to Galaxy.”

juan pablo benito laiton says:


jayslay1000 says:

iphone 6 plus was da best iphone

FySer says:

you said that iPhones are garbage since iPhone 4 so that means that you think that every iPhone since the 4 was trash .
There is nothing to get you wrong

Tech Is The Best says:

Nicolas Hošek How did LG copy the S8?

Serafin Valencia says:

MikeAlexBillsZ lmao the iPhone X has only 600 nits of brightness and a lower resolution than the S8 and Note 8 which have a higher resolution and are brighter at over 1000 nits get your facts straight

Matthew Reimer says:

I tried iphone once, it was awful

Chris says:

BLOWN MIND1!!1! You’re not a fucking gamer if you play PHONE games. How do people think their “gamers” without a console or a custom PC?

Chris says:

Mr. Banana FTW 5s is cheap now. Only $150.

Michael Gold says:

Chris woah this comment was from 3 minutes ago

ElectricShockz YT says:

Too all those people who are hating on android or apple, I need to tell you one thing. Both Apple and Android (Google) have incredibly OS’ but the Samsung just ruin’s Android’s reputation. Try something a little better that a Samsung like an iPhone 8/X or a Pixel 2. And this is coming from a guy who uses both Android and iOS regularly.

yoj says:

Personally I don’t see a big issue with the fingerprint scanner on the back or the Samsung 8 phones I had the s8+ but returned it because I wanted the new note so that is my current device the note and I have pretty small hands and I don’t see what the big issue is my finger never touches the camera how can you mistake that they have different textures I feel like since 1 person said it was in an awkward place everyone else had to agree even though it’s not that big of an issue and im pretty sure Samsung wouldn’t put a scanner somewhere where people couldn’t reach it honestly it’s not an issue for my father he has big fingers but small hands and he hasn’t complained at all I like where they put it again I have small hands small fingers and this phone isn’t to big for me and I don’t ever find myself scooting the phone down the reach the scanner and yes we all have different hands but personally everyone who had these phones doesn’t have a promblem it seems to only be the tech YouTube’s who have a problem

yoj says:

Harvey017 most likely

Nik Little says:

I totally agree

Ryan Griffin says:

pepzayz just android users? How does that make any sense on the internet no matter what phone I use I don’t use commas it doesn’t matter to me unless it’s an article or something.

Kamal Rana says:

Agreed, how do you manage to hit something that you know is in the MIDDLE, only had my S8 a week, not even hit it once. Also personally my finger naturally goes towards where that scanner is placed when picking up any phone, so for me its in a great spot 👌

TrueLojic says:

yoj because you have smaller hands. With bigger hands you have more room to mess up kind of

Awesome Drone Videos says:

You skip Note 8? What a huge mistake!

Skritix says:

Awesome Drone Videos Note 8 is a S8 with a pen. Not a lot of difference to talk about

Serafin Valencia says:

Awesome Drone Videos He preferred the S8 as he didn’t use any of the features the Note 8 had

Awesome Drone Videos says:

Skritix unless you take Note 8 in your hands. Its completly different phone with better user experience.

dub says:

Did he say that the pixel 2 was made of plastic? It’s aluminum with a rubbery coating.

Cutsom says:

Just like your moms dildo

Michael Morales says:

Cutsom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Arman Fa says:

So how much they paid you ?

Systamatic says:

Arman Fa nothing

Alonso Aguirre says:

Systamatic he didn’t ask you

Supreme Gaming says:

Alonso Aguirre kys

Alonso Aguirre says:

Supreme Gaming that’s really mature, only a little kid would say that I can tell you are about 9 and gtfo your not old old enough to own a phone are you using you mother’s?

Edward Green, Jr says:

There better be a clip of Mr. Glass from Unbreakable in your final review vid. That phone is fragile AF.

Elddir says:

Based on all the durability test videos, it seems to be one of the sturdiest phones you can buy…

Sam Asgari says:

Edward Green, Jr go watch everythingapplepro’s drop tests he dropped the samsung galaxy s8 on accident at 3 feet and the back was shattered but he dropped the iphone x at 30 feet and had no scratch because apple used a stainless steel border and the worlds strongest glass ever used in a smartphone.

Ryan Griffin says:

Sam Asgari yea trust EBERYTHINGAPPLE to do a test like that the name implies bias

ElectricShockz YT says:

Ryan Griffin One- You need to learn to spell, Two- How can you be biased with a drop test?

Austra Ray says:

Is the background music from Mr. Robot or what ?

Tahsin Nirzhar says:

In Motion – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network)

Wendy Berrios says:

Tahsin Nirzhar I knew it sounded very NIN-esque

Micronisus says:

Yeah it’s from The Social Network

Brett Forsythe says:

Holy crap now that you mention music I wish you didnt. Thats all I hear. Mr. Therapy please dont put any more OST’s into your video. Its distracting. =(

hello hi says:

Anti-Apple fans/Apple haters incoming

Lucas Eiróz Rodrigues says:

Not really. He does that every year, and he goes back to Samsung every year too. He’s just working and confirming that iPhone is never so good as Apple says.

Daniel T. says:

*Fandroids, Apple sheep, YOU ARE SICK.*
Do you realize that it’s just a fucking phone? a human made product that is made to serve us, causes so much hate, anger,arguments,fighting,death wishes,curses…why? Why can’t you respect each others choices? The important part is that you are you, and you do you. No one should tell you what to do. You don’t care what others say, you think what you think, you like what you like. You think iPhones/Samsung/LG/Google/whatever are stupid? Fine. Keep that to yourself, and don’t use them. Remember that we are humans and this thing so called “phone”, is something we made. Everyone is different – you shouldn’t judge a person by his choice of smartphone or product. There’s enough hate in the world, why add on to it?

Trey Cook says:

Finally someone gets it

MrSwiftFTW says:

im dong a survey
Like For Pizza
Reply For Burger

Ryan Slemmer says:

What about pizza burgers….

Michael Morales says:


The Royal Memes says:

Don’t. Please!

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