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The $12 Smart Watch – Does It Suck?

December 7, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) $12 Smart Watch (USA Web Link) – $ 12 Smart Watch (International) – This clever watch is not an Apple Watch. It does not use Android Use software program. It's not best however, for 12 dollars it does not

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

$12 Smart Watch (USA Web Link) –
$ 12 Smart Watch (International) –

This clever watch is not an Apple Watch. It does not use Android Use software program. It's not best however, for 12 dollars it does not suck!


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Jay Zee says:


Raúl Valle says:

He made a “second” gaming channel where he uploads random stuff, it’s not good but for some reason it has like 3M per video

Max Mustermann says:

he doesn’t produce leftist propaganda content, but solely unpolitical product reviews… that’s why.

Unbox Therapy says:

$12 Smart Watch (USA Link) –
$12 Smart Watch (International) –

Roderick Hinds says:

Unbox Therapy the first one is Samsung first smart watch design.

diviz0r says:

BRING BACK 5 gadgets under 50$ etc!! specially with the holidays coming in 🙂

Genfo says:

I have this watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raza Rizwan says:

It is 1500 RS in Pakistan I have one and it is pretty good

Иван Ческидов says:

Waleed bin Aamir Russia is more corrupt

allan gill says:

Raza Rizwan Improvised Explosive Devise!

Tom Vlogs says:


Nixon Khandare says:

Will u suck????

Neiluss Byla says:

Nixon Khandare no, but he will swallow

Marine 1 says:

Nixon Khandare yer mum cuck

CR_7 says:

360p squad?

bad j says:

im here buddy

Helgi says:

144p squad

Mahmood Jazmawy says:

Nah im all the way up in the 480p

MSR says:

you are not in youtube rewind why lew

Subway Hacker says:

Looks like gear 2

Ibraheem Al hadede says:

Subway Hacker It’s a clone actually

PressStartGaming12 Haikal says:

i bought that thing like 3 years ago

zocker1600 says:

and does it still work?

Juan Resendiz says:

PressStartGaming12 Haikal do you recommend it?

Educate Society says:

Looks pretty good for 12 bucks to be honest

Tekmau says:

I just got the exact same watch for my 7 year old daughter (i got it in a nice fancy, not so manly pink version ). But It just dosent work with the app, as its supposed to do… but it works fine with phonecalls, texting and so on… Really fine for 11 bucks!!

Nova says:

I had this watch and it’s crap but considering I got it for 8 USD I’m not losing much

efg says:

Educate Society no, its really bad

Rafia J.R. says:

Marsalkka Mannerheim i have mine since 2015, still in use


Why are u not in YouTube rewind

eduard jordaou says:

What’s that ?

Sid Kapoor says:

Why tf are you asking Lew that huh? Did he make it?

dend1 says:

Because he had better things to do than jump around in paint with a bunch of no-names

Millie says:

dend1 Riiiiiight

vedant goyal says:

Hey plz like my comment

Lancine Keita says:

I like your comment

Bass Boost Mobile says:


Rok Kozel says:

Bass Boost Mobile not only asia, if 16 years old must go to job becuase parents cant afford school its for me child labor

Dr. Dunk says:

Its actually less than $10 if you search better!

Gooby Dingle says:

9 dollars on wish

moivaanmoi says:

3 dollars on alibaba lol

Dr. Dunk says:

Gooby Dingle Wish is pretty expensive tbh. Ive seen it for $7/$8


I got it for 6 dihrams when I went Dubai (£1.20p) which is $1-$2

Steve Epic says:

I really like the way he judges items: “if its twice as much money, it should be twice as good”. thats pretty solid

Edgematic says:

apple watch is actually 300, still a lot for what it’s worth though.

Game Station says:


РасПаковка ДваПаковка says:

То чувство, когда в России, каждый второй знает про них…

Tareq Ramadan says:

РасПаковка ДваПаковка yeah man ofcourse

Иван Ческидов says:

О, русские

Sean M says:

Hotel? Trivago.

MCKazachenka says:

я первый раз вижу их

Joespn says:

Wow definitely worth it! Especially with how responsive the touchscreen is.

jack kindrson says:

The best beard you’ve never seen 🎅🤣😂

tortiecat says:


Jerome TV says:

Lol. sorry I’ll change my calculator ways…

How To Make Sushi says:

AMAZING for 11 $ !!!

efg says:

How To Make Sushi nope

tortiecat says:

How To Make Sushi it’s doesn’t even have a heart rate sensor

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