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The $200 Smartphone You NEED To Know About…

March 4, 2018 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Xiaomi Mi A1 International Version (UNITED STATE Link) – Xiaomi Mi A1 Global Variation (International) – The Xiaomi Mi A1 is a breath of fresh air. A budget plan Android gadget with a supply Android experience. The Mi A1

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Xiaomi Mi A1 International Version (UNITED STATE Link) –
Xiaomi Mi A1 Global Variation (International) –

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is a breath of fresh air. A budget plan Android gadget with a supply Android experience. The Mi A1 isn't really the flashiest smartphone worldwide but it provides a software application experience in the very same realm as my Google Pixel 2 XL as well as for far much less cash. The Xiaomi Mi A1 would certainly be my present mobile phone of selection if I just had $200 to invest.


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Unbox Therapy says:

The 5 Dollar Phone is REAL 😮 –

Harshvardhan Singh says:

Watching on Mi A1

Estefania R says:

Unbox Therapy what do you do with the phones after your done reviewing them?

Me says:

Unbox Therapy 3

LoosSerine says:

Is that a Mao King Radio?

LegoStudios says:

Why does this phone have better features than the Pixel 2? 😂

A V 73 says:

It has a IR blaster 😂

Ashok Kumar says:

& amplified headphone jack

erickmojojojo says:

pricing. other than that Pixel 2 wins

LegoStudios says:

I’m so dead 😂😂

Ayush Mishra says:

It was popular in India.
It’s almost 8 month older mobile.
you must check out xiomi redmi note 5 pro.

Muhammad Ikhwan says:

erriezzans Lounge why I typed “aside from bloatware” since the original dude was talking bout MIUI skin was sh*tty and you pointing out how beautiful it is with it’s ability of theme-ing and community and stuff.

My main point was how stock was supposed to be a ‘no-theme’ feel to it and how it still have community. Regarding bloatwares, it’s all up to people preferences. Some prefer barebones, some prefer full of apps.

Heck I used Redmi Note 2 before and currently using Redmi Note 4. Not saying MIUI is bad because it’s definitely not, but I’d still prefer running a custom “stock” android barebones with gapps (micro).

erriezzans Lounge says:

Muhammad Ikhwan got it bereh boh

Full HD Gameplay says:

Greg Gammago it had to be at least somewhere.. Fool.

Mayank Tripathi says:

Greg Gammago apparently it’s more popular in your country…

Arvind Singh says:

Greg Gammago that mindset comes from your maternal side mate.. you got bigger issues than rape back in your backward country.. is that, wherever you live, called even a country?

Chandler Bing says:

I really didn’t find major difference bw 2 pics…

Wait I’m colour blind😑

leighton duck says:

Chandler Bing pufcnv

Paul Morris says:

Only they camera geeeks will really notice 💁 the pixel definitely took the better picture

King Juli en says:

Wait a minute… there were 2 different pictures, guess who is Pixel fan boy now … lol

Abdul Mouzam says:

Bro we are watching the video not the actual images to tell the difference and also the quality at which we are watching the video on youtube

Parth Umraliya says:

Sir Make video on Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro series

Vlad Mihai says:

Parth Umraliya yes sir

TheSugarTalker II says:

Send Bob and vagene

Nyanza says:

Sir, if you have problems with your computer I will fix it for $200, sir.

yash Rawat says:

TheSugarTalker II wait… Sending ur mother’s bob to you… She left it here
last night

Dr. Dunk says:

There are better Chinese devices out there for this or a lower price!

Tom Radford says:

The Honor 7X comes close but this is still a solid performer

DumbSloth87 says:

Dr. Dunk None of those come with Android 8, if they get updated it will be at least 6 months after any Android One device.

nobody says:

there rubbish

CoconutHead says:

nobody , what do you expect with a cheap phone? Samsung s9 .iPhone X or any other flagship experience?

Burhan Ajabsha says:

Who ellse thinks unbox therapy should sometimes post 2 videos per day too or atleast one video per day btw this is phone is year before so he should have checked it much before.. come on unbox therapy ‘one of my favourite youtubers’!.dont do such things plz..btw..
Love u!😍😘..

Holo says:

That time when you want the iPhone look. But not it’s bad OS, high price, non-fhd display and unexpandable memory

Edit: and I forgot to mention that it has a *hEaDPhoNE jaCK*

Dušan Kostić says:

And it has option of expendable storage or dual sim device… Read a little bit

Holo says:

Dušan Kostić I meant that the iPhone has unexpandable memory

Marko Vojinovic says:

Holo dumb kidz lol

Cupar 19 says:

Phones don’t have upgradable memory, I think you mean storage

Kronik Plays says:

Holo you mean a headphone Jack? Longtime Unbox Therapy fans got the joke.

Rajib lochan debnath says:

Watching this on my miA1 😁

Zanei18 Soufleris says:

Rajib lochan debnath me 2

Ashok Kumar says:

proud to be a owner of MI A1 😎

Rufino Rosado Medina says:

Is this phone compatible with US 4G LTE bands?

Ali Raza says:

same here 😎

iL3B YALA says:

dude is the mi a1 good . am on a huge budget and i cant buy a fancy phone for this year , am think about the mi a1 but i heard that some times it lags and the camera get blurred and the front facing camera is bad . please tell me you experience using this phone . cause if its good ill buy it

Clickeh says:


Technical Trickyvids says:

Sir please you can promote my youtube channel please sir

Technical Trickyvids says:

Because I really need so much of help from them

Sacred Aces says:

Meashow lets be grateful that he dint ask Lew for Bobs And Vagena

Pοlatic says:

Lol you smell like the poopoo

CoconutHead says:

Why u all shitting on this channel , my god what’s wrong with y’all .

Junior San says:

Technical Trickyvids just delete your channel . Its easy 😎

Khalid Yaseen says:

Proud Mi A1 user😎!!

marshall clark says:

Khalid Yaseen is it really worth it?

Aryan TS says:

You should really check out Redmi Note 5 pro… It’s awesome… You will surely be impressed

Aryan TS says:

You are really obsessed with the 5 dollar smartphone… I mean like you mention that in every video these days 😂😂

Aryan TS says:

So Unbox Therapy is really obsessed with the 5 dollar smartphone 😅

iZihbO says:

Aryan TS yes but you don’t have to make several comments about it.

Aryan TS says:

Who is watching this from Mi A1?? I love my phone

hejter Miško says:

Oh sorry thanks for your Board

Galatanu Gabriel says:

Aryan TS me too!

mandms9944 says:

Its not fake but you have to use manual mode and tele lens to work with it or to be in portrait mode. The 2x button is just digital zoom though


Aryan TS me😂

Miki Solt says:

I have the phone its ok. The cam is not that nice but i dont need special and expensive phone

Tech Brothers says:

The best Xiaomi smartphone for today. Waiting for Mi A2 (or whatever it will be called) with 18:9 display, thin bezels and stock Android

Sami Shaikh says:

Comkio If u r obsessed with dat 18:9 ratio than go for redmi 5 plus..but if u like stock android…. fluid os..type c..More camera functions..than go for Mi A1

Uncle Ben says:

I personally think the Mi Mix 2 takes the cake, but I may pick this up,.

Lucas Bornlivedie says:

There will never be one. Xiaomi hated that people liked Android One better than MIUI (even deleted the survey) so yeah… never coming.

TopKek says:

Lucas Bornlivedie damm, but did they really expect people to like MIUI better ?

Carter Davis says:

And USB c and snapdragon 660

Connor Croft // Kobra. says:

I chose the Honor 7X over this

Connor Croft // Kobra. says:

Tom Radford it’s very fast and all in all a great phone for daily use

Connor Croft // Kobra. says:

Tom Radford you should have waited. I waited a while and it came back in stock

No Latitude says:

Connor Croft // Kobra. My 7x came in stock on the first of march, i ordered it on the 20th of February, it will be here on the 6th of march. Did i make the right choice? I hope i love it

• ViralExpert • says:

No Latitude yup its great

Connor Croft // Kobra. says:

No Latitude you sure did make the right choice. It’s great for daily use and I haven’t came across any major issues after using for about a month

ZShaun says:

I have no intention of buying anything he reviews yet i watch every review 😂

Talha Iqbal says:

ZShaun same here.

edleedavis says:

ZShaun same lol. Well, I did buy the essential phone

Center-Schmock says:

Same here

Sacred Aces says:

I hate when Lew makes these videos and the comments is filled with Indians.

Kasam says:

Sacred Aces yes m8 and they’re all praising the phone etc

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