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The iPhone 7 Plus Spider Edition

July 16, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Switch over 6 apple iphone 7 Plus (USA Link) – Switch 6 iPhone 7 Plus (International) – The Switch over 6 from Ztylus adds multiple lens alternatives to your iPhone 7 Plus. The Change 6 works as an instance

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Switch over 6 apple iphone 7 Plus (USA Link) –
Switch 6 iPhone 7 Plus (International) –

The Switch over 6 from Ztylus adds multiple lens alternatives to your iPhone 7 Plus. The Change 6 works as an instance and compatible lens system for the iPhone 7 Plus. Benefit: It makes your iPhone appears like a crawler.

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C. TECH says:

Hello ! 😉

Daniyal Shah says:


Garfield Shibe says:

We need a phone case thats also a gun

Gambling Universe says:

Garfield Shibe it already exist, you just can’t shoot

Tate says:


adhav 2004 says:

Sky Warr I think he deliberately spelled it wrong…

Ronen Friedman says:

woah, that means he just is talking to a camera


hello Chicago

Šñøwÿ Thûñdêr says:

Do the new Xbox

Anon the Anonymous says:

Šñøwÿ Thûñdêr probably be a funny video like the iPhone 7 red edition video.

Patrick Morales says:

my life fucking sucks

bo3-fannbase.123 says:

i feel u

Apocolex says:

I don’t care.

ACiDiC - CS GO says:

Mine too, I almost killed myself 6 times this month 🙁

Peter Vassilopoulos says:

Bob he’s a basic csgo player

deadpool spider man says:

today is my birthday can I get likes?

Pro Logic says:


Daniyal Shah says:


Daniyal Shah says:

but happy birthday.

no likes but wishes

Poatatasium Poatatogen PO2 says:

deadpool spider man stop these camments are fucking annoying

Apocolex says:


GorillaTech says:

Six cameras for 6k recording

Ninjaz Gamerz says:

plz subscribe to my channel bro

UnboxThearpy says:

GorillaTech I love all my brothers and sisters in Lucifer. Lucifer will connect us all. He will give us the mark of the beast. Start attending your local masonic lodge and become a 33rd degree Freemason I am one. Get the book called The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw. I’ve sold out to major corporations and Satan himself I have no soul left I made a contract like Dave Chappelle and all the others. Almost Every famous person has Anywhere their soul. Check out a YouTube channel called The Vigilant Christian! I can’t handle life anymore knowing that I’m going to burn in the lake of fire. Apple and Samsung have threatened my life so many times. I can’t handle this life anymore… Goodbye Everyone

Turki811 says:

I am afraid of commenting here because last time a lot of people accused me of being a terrorist.

Obye239 says:

Mohammad Zain kill your self

Jay 90 says:

you are.

Farah bilal says:


Rolex Was here says:

Terrorist XD

Hamed Gt-R says:


deez NUTS !

BlueBird says:

Same, all the second graders made those jokes and us third graders were annoyed.

Dr_Phoenix42 says:

Hamed Gt-R leave that unfunny bullshit in 2015

EpicGuy7130 says:

ecks dee

Daniyal Shah says:

XD made my day. better than those crappy top comments.

HDI says:

got eee

Himanshu Bhoir says:

Finally jack revealed!

JaJuan Adkins says:

How do I make a public comment it only lets me make replys

Ampe says:

Himanshu Bhoir jack was revealed like months ago

LyMIsH SK says:

Thanks for that circle on the Thumbnail,Realy didnt see that!

HDI says:

LyMIsH SK lmao

Ayy lmao says:

LyMIsH SK but it’s not clickbait

striekr13577 says:

Are you nitpicking a circle?

Rajesh says:

did he just show us jack??

Daniyal Shah says:

there was a man sitting in the back! and that’s JACK! JACK IN THE BACK OF THE PACK!

Capn Wafflez says:

hes done it in one or two other videos where hes said jack was just the camera
but that was a while back

KingOfSpadess says:

Capn Wafflez no he hasn’t. His “fans” made this whole thing up and lew just rides with it.

Crappi Fone gamez says:

Rajesh jack is a camra

king pin says:

JACK REVEALED AT 4:02 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheetah Gaming says:


Troy No.9 says:

Cheetah Gaming *jack

TheMightySamosa Studio’s says:

king pin GUYS, HOW DID NO ONE NOTICE?! Look at the screenshot background, and you will see a hooded figure. Is that jack?

king pin says:


Letstryandseehowlongicangetthisnametobe judge says:

TheMightSamosa Studio’s The first comment was before you. Tf you on bud?

Kanav Kapoor says:

So Jack is…

A Camera?

RoastTurkey 123 says:

PepsiBeastin those are my initials!!

TheDutchTrucker says:

Kanav Kapoor jac* just a camera

Edward Kwee says:

Just A Camera Kids…

KingOfSpadess says:

I don’t understand why people think Jack is a camera just because they managed to make the name an acronym…you can put any words there. Jack actually means

SM 09 says:

4:00 he just revealed jack!

WyattEntertainment says:

I see that there is a guy sitting down in a chair in the distance could this be ? jack the guy who controls the camera in that pic

Caleb Mikell Johnson says:

WyattEntertainment yeah it looks like he’s at his desk doing something. (“putting in work”)

Daniyal Shah says:


NDfan329 says:

Can see jack working in the background at a desk at 4:03 your welcome

Poatatasium Poatatogen PO2 says:

Oh ye

jackson randolph says:

I hate people who ask for likes

Like if you agree

Yamen2771RBLX says:

jackson randolph 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Enrique Cruz says:

I disliked it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daniyal Shah says:

sooo original

Rolex Was here says:

jackson randolph I disliked

An Ngụy says:

Is the guy with the white hoodie at 4:02 is Jack?

nappa0582 says:

how many times are people going to freak out over J.A.C.K.?

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