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The Unbox Therapy Edition iPhone

June 16, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Here is a 1/1 customized iPhone 7. It includes a glowing Unbox Treatment logo where the Apple logo would usually live. The radiant logo is adjustable along with screen brightness. This kind of customization is offered for the apple

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Here is a 1/1 customized iPhone 7. It includes a glowing Unbox Treatment logo where the Apple logo would usually live. The radiant logo is adjustable along with screen brightness. This kind of customization is offered for the apple iphone 7, apple iphone 7 And also and also as well as potentially various other phones (probably not phones with back finger print scanners).

This apple iphone 7 was customized by these individuals –

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Unbox Therapy says:

It looks like a speaker…

Tamedwolfguy1 says:

i guess, but its business. if you don’t like it then you can leave, just sayin’ 1 out of 8 million. I agree but it is his channel and he can do what he wants. As well i think its not paid promo cuz he usually says it in the text in the bottom left

Hammad Saeed says:

yeah that true its his choice on what content to upload…

Anonymous7973 says:

Unbox Therapy hi!

Fibula Cat says:

25 views 505 likes wow

Techinator says:

Fibula Cat yup yt is still broken

TheCorruptDragon says:

No it’s not youtube doesn’t count views as soon as someone clicks on the video it depends on view time, Facebook does the same thing but has a much shorter delay which is why it’s easier to get views on Facebook.

Arbaaz Patwari says:


Facebook steals views and is unsupportive to artists who’s videos were stolen and people who steal their videos get tonnes of views from them.

Lmoody says:

103 likes 43 views 👏

Vineyard 480 says:

Lmoody wow how many comments in one stream can say the same thing… just proves that you’re all idiots you know you can refresh your comment screen every second and see the numbers climb you don’t refresh your screen a number stay the same moron

Lmoody says:

TheCorruptDragon we know but still

TheCorruptDragon says:

Saying someone isn’t smart enough seems very ironic in your case c:
I.e You hit no markers with your explanation lol

Pratham Gupta says:

The logo is brighter than my future..

TheCorruptDragon says:

First actually funny comment c:

Sean Xu says:

If you even have one

Bikramjit Biswas says:

sahi tha ye, lol

Hamza Rahman says:

Sean Xu nice

Goober and Buddy says:

Whoa that’s so sick! I gotta get myself one. Only one kidney donation I bet.

BriGuy Gaming says:

Goober and Buddy 1 on a good day, a liver on a bad day

Syed Mohammed Ali Muddassir Quadri says:

Goober and Buddy 1 Kidney for the iPhone, the other one for this custom work.

Yeti Has Syphilis says:

JACK=Just A Camera, Kids

TheClassyFrosty says:

So that would be J.A.C.,K

OnlyD3Z says:

i love how i comment this weeks ago and never get a thumb up but like you you get 379 by the time im writing this….

Vysair says:

Bloody train he has instagram dude and also has appeared in lew old vid

Bob Stuffguy says:

JACK – Just A Canadian Kaddy. (That’s Slovak slang for camera man.)

ants says:

he seems to be Tom’s brother

Krešimir Jurilj says:

But why iphone? Why not HTC or Axon? That logo will suck 30% out of already *weak* battery!

screenbones says:

The company’s probably more familiar with iPhones… I didn’t see any other phone as an option on their website. iPhones are more popular with hardware modding, after all.

Sean Sullivan says:

Somewhere there’s a YouTuber named Jack with a camera named Lew

Unknown Anonyme says:

Sean Sullivan 😂😂😂 in a parallel universe.


Sean Sullivan with a channel called therapyunboxing

Qwamii says:


ThechemistNL says:

Qwamii unbox therapy diapers. Have fun unboxing those 😂

Pickle Pie says:

Qwamii unbox therapy fidget spinners

NextGenGaming07 says:

UnboxTherapy> MKBHD

phil chao says:

Oluchekwu if i don’t tag you, i’m talking to OP

Oluchukwu Eziashi says:

+phil chao oh ok


NextGenGaming07 unbox therapy is 55% entertainment and reaction 45% product related if you pay attention and I love it so mkbhd is more product focused he tries to be funny but it’s just a little sad lew I hope u see this

life of kiku says:

This was a clever stunt by Apple to convert a Android lover to iOS lover!

phil chao says:

apple had nothing to do with this, genius

thedubiousbaker says:

Damn people are so stupid

Red Hood says:

Apple doesn’t need to convince people to switch. They automatically switch after experiencing shitty android os.

Stan Mol says:

Red Hood and after seing the stupid price of a Apple product, while the only new thing is taking something away.

The Pixel Polygon says:

Red Hood Are you sure about that?


this is popo
popo is 0 years old
Let’s see how big can he get!

Urmil Shroff says:

A dislike would kill popo, it wouldn’t even let him be born perhaps

Dora the Explorer says:

popo is ready to uhhhh

PsysheildOmega says:

COSMIC HACKER who is popo I don’t see anything

I am sorry but says:

Where is my “I don’t need notifications coz I’m always on youtube” squad?

Dwayne Johnson says:

Right here lmao.

etsuko says:

I wanna die

Naim Noor says:

What am I doing with my life.. 😢

Rylee Ellingson says:


Sai says:

B-but.. it’s weird having a logo like this on a phone… :/

ThechemistNL says:

Sai it stands out. It draws attention. In this case, to a brand name on social media. It can make people think “hmmm, I should look that up!”, others might ask for a closer look, and in this day and age where some people give their toddler fresh out of their diapers a smartphone, looking it up can be done instantly. Win win situation in my opinion

Sai says:

I just found it weird because.. you want a neat logo on your phone, just like the apple logo or anything that’s simple… I wouldn’t put words in that logo but that’s just me.. I know him for ages, he gets tons of products with his logo on it, but I always found it weird…

ThechemistNL says:

Sai this is an example, like he said it’s the only iphone modified to have his logo in existence. On their Instagram profile there is a wide variety of customizations. It doesn’t have to be backlit, but it’s a feature they offer. You don’t have to use it as an advertisement. You could have your favourite anime or game / cartoon character engraved, or a cut-out. They have a picture of an iPhone SE back with an entire comic book page engraved on the back.

I do understand that this type of customization isn’t for everybody, but I definitely see possibility and already ideas start forming in my mind.

Eric Campbel says:

here’s a great app on the state of the battery wear

Unbox Williams says:

cool app, thx

Alexander Taylor says:

Yesterday downloaded, now I check all phones;)

Vidur David says:

You can check batterry state with AIDA64 as well

Ilkeä Jonne says:

1:49 So true. Apple sucks.

Sma Das says:

Ignorance is blissful and entertaining to others…

TheGamingLegend says:


FreakShow Trell says:

if your gonna give it Way i mean my mailbox is allways open

Scrumptyous Kymmi says:

Cool phone… Give it away Lew!

Dank Howell says:

I wonder how many fakes are going to be made on Ebay

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