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These Earbuds Give You Super Powers (Seriously)

June 18, 2017 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) IQ Buds (USA Link) – IQ Buds (International) – This is just one of the coolest devices I have actually considered in a while. The IQ Buds enable you to blend electronic audio from your device with your surrounding

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

IQ Buds (USA Link) –
IQ Buds (International) –

This is just one of the coolest devices I have actually considered in a while. The IQ Buds enable you to blend electronic audio from your device with your surrounding sound. The INTELLIGENCE Buds deal with either iPhone or Android. Sound is combined conveniently through an app on your phone. The result produced by means of this mix is an entirely foreign experience. You've reached attempt these out!

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Unbox Therapy says:

IQ Buds (USA Link) –
IQ Buds (International) –

MasterShley says:

Ugh… They’re so expensive though…

BadBoyBeBad says:

ikr im just with 5s

Mohammed Islam says:

Cool t-shirt.

Adam Aidja says:

Sponsor Therapy

Luis A. S. says:


TheMutedVid says:

True lmao, his recent videos seem like he is doing a fake sponsor video instead of actually reviewing it, unsubbed immediately.

oneduality says:

yeah it’s been seeming like that for quite a while..

KaizeX says:

Adam Aidja you can’t have a sponsorship without disclosing it in the video or description, that is illegal

Sgt. Pepper says:


Bicc OG says:

Looks like a hearing aid lmao

Lofi says:

damn your hearing aid looks awesome then…mine never look like these

Why Why says:

Sounds good, cant afford

Gambling Universe says:

Skyey Hunter somebody get this person 100million subscribers 😂

Stevan says:

Skyey Hunter ok donate $100,000,000 then, I would love to see that video. But pls donate to me and I’ll subscribe 100 million times and make 100 million accounts to subscribe to *edit*your channel

Salem says:


Skyey Hunter says:

Stevan I didnt said what 100M for donation so basically it can be $, euros or RSD, or even 100M blank papers 😀

Billy Trains says:

Isn’t “Hello” Enough to hold a Conversation?

TyTech says:

Billy Trains hah! I wish, I’m pretty sure everyone needs a gimmick to hold one.

Traumâțu' Mîț Mîț says:

Don’t worry, you can’t afford them.

Trs Drs says:

i can afford four, but one of em for that price is already a huge waste of money, they are cool, just not worth the price if you ask me, same price as wireless beats headpones ( the best one), ps4, xbox one, a nice non gaming laptop, a gaming tablet or a shity car

Holly Hsieh says:

i was like wow i want……..and i check the price………..nvm……lol

Emanuel Olivares says:

I can, and im going to buy them

Future Spices says:

Gerardo Chavez You also replied, fucking loser..

Mathew Debio says:

Who else is from the U.K sweating during this mini heatwave

ViraL Cyclopes says:

Do you guys get water every 5 minutes

Mathew Debio says:

ViraL Cyclopes I’ve drank 8 bottles of water today and that’s no lie, I’ve also had a BBQ and ate 4 ice lollies haha

Adam7336 says:

+Mathew Debio dam son were d’ya find this XD yeah it is VERY ERY VERY Hot here in england

Montys PixelHD says:

It’s so hot, that I actually put on a 3 hour video of the sound of rain & thunder, to remind myself what it sounds like.

Mr. Awesomepants says:

I don’t think you guys get it. The average summer temperature in the UK is about 60f or 15c. For me 45f/7c is t shirt weather, so anything above 80f/27c is really hot

Lil Boat says:

I got a tattoo of my dad

(ps- I got no tattoos)

Andres Gaggero says:

But that doesn’t make any…..

ohhh 🙁

Matty says:

Lil Boat off*

Matty says:

Lil Boat oh I get it now lol

memo boy says:

1:03more like condoms..

Lubri le Dauphin says:

memo boy “So you get the right fit” Takes a long time, he gets 10 of those

Syahir Roslan says:

memo boy condom for ears

Harveer Singh says:

memo boy for protection against infectious music

Arek R. says:

Damn, 2hrs too late

Jason van Rooij says:

Ill save you some time, its $279.99

Guess Name says:

Jason van Rooij omfg

Maxcaret says:

I got to say that Lew is the best salesman in the universe. He can sale your soul to you and you don’t even know it.

Everlostvita says:

Maxcaret salesman don’t have click bait or subs. Idiot

tho says:

Everlostvita Actually they can.
There are different types of ‘salesmen’, y’know.

ShiftNoize says:

This Video is so over the top sponsored and he is clearly lying

John Skip says:

Why would you wear this at a dinner?

The Lazy Wanderer says:

Wouldn’t the sound amplification, also amplify the ambient sounds too? for example loud music at the restaurant?

Shiraz Hazrat says:

Very basic sound amplification would amplify ambient sound, but with modern algorithms and especially with multiple microphones, you can isolate specific sounds to the extent that conversations near you will be amplified without amplifying background audio. I’m sure this company has leveraged this in their product since it’s not terribly difficult to do today.

The Lazy Wanderer says:

Probably true. But still wearing them when you out with someone for dinner or something may still be a overkill. But i think it might work well when riding a bike or travelling.

Luka Cortan says:

Wow that seems cool!
*looks up price on Amazon

Hunter Meier says:

Luka Cortan almost every video, it doesn’t help that I’m a cheap bastard.


Luka Cortan same….exat same….

ReFizzed says:

exactly the price i would expect. not sure what you were expecting

Siddhu says:

What did the librarian say to the student

Read more

Xander Yman says:

The librarian says it to the guy: “Read more!”

Dominick Majors says:

almost got me

DonPlayzGamez says:

go away.

Bad Boy says:

Wtf. You’ve done this like a hundred times on a lot of channels. Does it satisfy u ????!

RanzakaLP says:

Does it heal Cancer?

Kaan Kiremitci says:

RanzakaLP lmao

Dominick Majors says:

must be new to the premium headset market if 300 is out of the ballpark

Darren Woloshyn says:

$453 Canadian

HimKioo says:



That Guy says:

HimKioo $280


Faisal Saleem says:

Im just waitin for Iftari..

Haris Qureshi says:

same hahah only 3 and a half hours

Zainer gaming says:

Iam waiting for suhoor haha

Satro Nesto says:

Selam from Bosnia,

AwesomeName123 says:

And i’m doing sehri right now.

TheTechPerson says:

Never trust an edited comment. 😉

TheTechPerson says:

mega firekid This was actually just an experiment to see whether people would like this comment. I actually dont care if you like or dont like this comment. Its just amazing how people just like random comments. (even if they are not originial.)

mega firekid says:

TheTechPerson it also doesn’t relate to the video. Plus its kinda old

Kiruke says:

Wait, do you realize you basically made a paradox?

Eric Kanervan says:


A Glazed Donut says:


PBM says:

Tom looks like he wants to die

DocZombieX says:

PBM Just like us!

Melon. says:

now i can hear my children watch porn when im on the top floor.

Zonny C says:

Melon. Lmao

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