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Which Smartphone Will Win This Showdown?

October 18, 2018 - Comment

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue) Last year the Razer Phone blew the competitors away in the speaker efficiency department. Will results coincide this year? Which smartphone has the most effective speaker? In this video clip I contrast the Razer Phone 2 vs iPhone XS

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 7 N930FD DUAL SIM Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Version – 64GB (Blue)

Last year the Razer Phone blew the competitors away in the speaker efficiency department. Will results coincide this year? Which smartphone has the most effective speaker? In this video clip I contrast the Razer Phone 2 vs iPhone XS Max vs Google Pixel XL 3. We'll discover which mobile phone is the 2018 audio speaker champion.


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Unbox Therapy says:

Which one sounds the best to you?

Eljo-seto says:

Axon 7 hands down

Shoma Shoma says:

RIP my ears

Darren Nicholls says:

Pixel 3

ΛηκιΓ says:

Unbox Therapy 🍎

Luke Anderson says:


Lakshit Verma says:

My ears are bleeding! Oh my God!

A'n'B Gaming says:

Note 9 crying in the corner…

Thomas says:

…is a pretty short amount of time, yea. That’s the point lol. Maybe you need to go back and read these comments?

manrightchea says:

These phones can’t beat the Note, that’s why it’s never included when it comes to specs or features. Lew can’t stay in Google’s pocket if he allows the Note to beat the Pixel every time he brings it on.

Notice the Note is the only phone that he can’t test, because it blows the others out of the water.

D_MALHI says:

Another day another smart phone video.. I miss the old days. When u used to unbox new and rare stuff.. 😑

Professional Age says:

Note 9 ???

Brandon Nash says:

Dharkos my mother has a note 9 and I tried out the speakers and I have to admit, they are amazing. But I still like my xs Max’s speaker far more.

Vernwalker says:

+manrightchea no Google has dual front-facing speaker while note 9 has the microphone speaker and speaker

My name is says:

If you watched an earlier video, he already noted that the Note 9 was not as good as the iPhone xs when it comes to speakers.

manrightchea says:

+Vernwalker Wrong. The Note 9 has a front facing speaker and a bottom firing speaker. More importantly it has 3D surround, and Dolby Atmos. That’s in addition to more RAM, expandable storage and being overall better than the Pixel altogether with a superior screen as well.

Rexy1000 says:

My jaw started to hurt for some odd reason after watching this

Alejandro Angeles says:

As i was watching i started feeling a weird sensation from my jaw as well lol

Pran J says:

*And the real winner is!!*

*Who is not wearing headphones or earphones while watching this vid* 😂

Sunil Soni says:


Ivan A says:

Bed joke

Awesome Nick47 says:

I’m wearing icon X

Josiah C. says:

Screw this comment

Tilted Tower says:

Thank yourself

Wonder Lamb says:

I put my volume on Max and my ears hurt

Julia Söderström says:

A moment of silence for headphone users.

silverlunas says:

My ears are bleeding 🤕

Vivirtruvian says:


A lifetime of silence for headphone users.

Amr Adel says:

Hi Ms cleavage,how are you.. it’s so nice to see that you have 1k+ sub while you don’t have any content on YouTube.

george walker says:


Alejandro Ojeda says:

@julia soderstrom my ears hurt let me burry my face on your breast

Trygve Evensen says:

*Watching this with headphones*

_It was painful…_

brownguy903 says:

I’m old enough to remember when this channel wasn’t just about smartphones, good times

Victor Valenzuela says:

brownguy903 May be his passion has been lead to the smart phones now and he is probably getting more request from the audience to keep doing that.

Ace says:

Because there’s a lot going on with the smartphone market. Not a whole lot going on though in the overall gadget market, it probably has to be inventive for him to review it.

Nico NL says:

Remember the cup that was impossible to spill?

JPJ17 says:

Way back when he built the ultimate gaming pc and unboxed special editions of games. Better times

Donte B. says:

It’s still not, didn’t he just make a book bag vid and a mini robot

Luka VUJANOVIC says:

Like: unbox therapy
Comment: phone therapy

PandasCanEatYourTech says:

yet the Razer phone 2 sounded the best out of the 3 during that song sample? lol Plus you stated you had the bass boost option and dynamic setting on with the razer phone…did you test it without those settings to see if maybe those were the reasons that maybe it didn’t sound as good to you? Just a thought.



Ryan Berman says:

+Brandon Mohammed likely, the garbling could be resonant frequencies of the phone frame. It’s obvious that the drivers are not adapted for low frequency output. And the phone has clipping issues. The way the speakers are direct and not specially ported (the way the air is directed) like standard phone speakers are why he is perceptually hearing better sound from the other phones. The direct to air speakers of the Razer sound tinnier and less full, if they were ported and put on the sides not taking up screen realistate they would’ve had it.

Brandon Mohammed says:

That is true as well, positioning also plays a vital role as you stated

Syvette says:

He didn’t play the razer phone’s clip at the same time as the other 2 phones. That part in the song had the horn while the others didn’t. That might be what you’re hearing. I think the Pixel sounds the best of the 3. Sounded less washed out coming through the mic.

PandasCanEatYourTech says:

That’s true but the Iphone and the pixel sounded very “tinny” compared to the razer from my perspective (and I was listening with sennheiser headphones)

Christian says:

My ears Hz

Sander Lofthus says:

Nice one dude

Josiah C. says:

This comment needs more likes

just some random guy and I'm random :D says:

Christian oh god someone fucking kill me

Donte B. says:

Took me a while but then my mind was blown

Ashok Kumar Salvi says:

Love you.
I never win a giveaway.
I always try my best to win it but i be never successful and this time i was too much excited to win it but again unsuccessful plz ek baar mujhe bhi jithado kabhi jeetne ki bhi feeling chahiye aur yeh jitha hota toh 11 naariyal bhi chadadeta

allision burgers says:

Yo Trucker Hat! Have you ever heard of the Huawei Mate 20 pro??

Samner Asker says:

hey marketing guy from Huawei , the phone just released (u should know that you work for them) and most reviewers don’t have it yet, specially in north America.

Armaan jain says:

Camera and performance test between mate 20 pro, note 9, 10s max, pixel 3 xl.
I think mate 20 pro will kill them all.

Andrey Starenky says:

You should change your channel name to “Smartphone Review”

Jaden SYRE says:

Note 9?

wils life says:

manrightchea nope 👎

Nate R says:

manrightchea The Note didn’t have a sim card, Samsung phones by default show a signal indicator if only just for emergency calls. Plus, if you look very closely in the top left corner, you can see the “no sim” notification icon. But of course you would conveniently miss such a factor because it doesn’t play into your agenda.

The sensors are a different story, but that pales in comparison to the amount of bloatware that runs in the background on Samsung phones and drains your battery extremely quickly.

I’ve owned a Galaxy S8, the only way to get usable battery life was to create a huge list of the bloat packages and run ADB to disable them permanently.

Nate R says:

Reiryū It’s really not that much higher. 1242p vs 1440p.

The same could be said when you set the Note to 1080p and the XS Max still at 1242p. “lol of course it’s going to lose when the resolution is so much higher”.

Can’t you guys come out and breathe? Don’t act like you have to defend one single phone regardless if it wins or loses.

Mani Mirbagheri says:

its just too hot for the other phones+manrightchea

HollywoodShono says:

Listening to this video through my wired headphones, sad none of these three phones have this wonderful feature


MueVoid I think he means the lightning port earbuds, or the adaptor.

MueVoid says:

+DARTH VADER exactly but that isn’t on the phone plus it doesn’t include one in the box anymore unlike the other two that include them.

Boosted says:

HollywoodShono What are you smoking? These phones can all use regular wired headphones with the dongle.


MueVoid ya. Kinda cheap of Apple to do that. I hope one day they will include AirPods, even 1st gen

Brandon Barrios says:

You peasant everyone uses bluetooth headphones nowadays

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